Corteccia Granite


Are you looking for an exotic and elegant natural stone to use in décor? Choose genuine and premium quality Corteccia stone from the best Granite supplier in Calgary. This stone is unique and beautiful due to its natural texture and structure. We recommend this stone for use in kitchen and bathroom countertops, external and interior wall/floor, monumental structures, window sills, and much more.

Why It Is in Demand?

This quartzite’s vibrant coloring and pattern adds coziness to the space, and it goes with a wide variety of cabinet colors and styles. Because of its beautiful linear veining, Corteccia may be used anywhere. Quartzite is a rock that forms deep inside the earth’s crust when sandstone and quartz are combined and subjected to extreme heat and pressure.

Corteccia is especially beautiful due to its unique coloration. Quartzite is beneficial because it is resistant to abrasions, heat, and stains. Hardness levels of 7 or higher indicate that the material is extremely strong and durable. Comparatively, marble is a 4–5 on the scale. It is more scratch-resistant than other common stones.

Corteccia Granite is Resistant

But there is a possibility of etching with quartzite. Though it has a lot of resistance, it is still possible for it to occur. Sandstone contains calcium carbonate, which will cause a reaction when exposed to acidic foods and beverages. Quartzite requires frequent, speedy cleaning for optimal maintenance.

This quartzite’s veins are arranged like planks of wood. Like a wooden version of a marble. Parallel brown and cream colored veins can be seen across the skin. This stone is commonly used for flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanity tops (especially flooring and wall decoration because of the attractive veins, the veins are in book match polished properly. This stonework really enhances the aesthetic value of the home.




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