Superior Quality Quartzite Countertop in Calgary for Your Home

Looking for a reliable supplier that offer excellent quartzite countertop in Calgary? A1 Granite & Marble Ltd. is an ideal option you can go for. These days, Quartzite is one of the newest and most durable natural stone options for your home if you want to install new slabs or upgrade the existing ones. 

Similar to marble in aesthetic appeal but more durable, this natural stone enables you to make a secure investment for creating a sturdy, functional, and aesthetically appealing kitchen space. Although a bit on the costlier side, quartzite countertops are definitely worth your investment.


Different Types of Quartzite Countertop in Calgary We Provide 

From us, you can varities of Quartzite countertop under one roof. Basically, it is available in two basic types, i.e., hard and soft.  Hard quartzite is the most durable type and has a durability level similar to granite. This type of quartzite is resistant to scratches and stains and is immune to acid and other harsh chemicals. On the other hand, soft quartzite falls between marble and granite when it comes to considering their durability. This type of quartzite lasts longer than marble but is less durable than granite. 

Both these quartzite type make great options for your countertop needs. Here, at A1 Granite & Marble LTD, we offer both hard and soft quartzite countertops at the most reasonable prices. 


Good Reasons to Invest in Our Quartzite Countertops

There are many good reasons to choose quartzite for your slabs. Visit us for getting access to the finest collection.

■ Installation of quartzite slabs brings the luxury of an aesthetically appealing natural stone into your kitchen.

Quartzite is a robust and durable solution for your countertop that requires minimal maintenance. It can resist the hardest of chemicals and is also resistant to scratches and stains. 

■ So, you get a spotless, stainless, powerful countertop when you choose this natural stone.

■ Opting for quality quartzite countertops enables you to create your dream sophisticated kitchen space. Unique and highly attractive, this natural stone increases the aesthetic appeal and value of your home beyond your expectations.


Meet the Leading Quartzite Countertop Experts in Calgary 

Being a leading quartzite dealer in the city, we have many of the finest and most sought-after countertop options that you can choose for your property. Besides quartize, if you are trying to find the best quartz supplier in Calgary, A1 Granite & Marble LTD is to trust.  

Our experts will also offer you the best guidance if you need help choosing the right product. So, wait no more and visit our showroom to purchase the premium quality quartzite countertop in Calgary.


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