Create Your Dream Home Space with Marble Countertop in Calgary

We, at A1 Granite & Marble LTD stock an extensive and diverse selection of Marble countertop in Calgary. Marble is a natural stone that has been used for centuries as a building material, as well as a platform for some of the world’s most famous sculptures, such as the Taj Mahal, Washington Monument, and the Bust of Artemis.

Marble is known for its soft, beautiful look, which is the unique characteristic of this product. Marble has a unique color and movement that is not found in any other stone. Create the kitchen space of your dreams with our superior quality and affordable Calgary marble countertops.

Marble is high in calcium carbonate, which means it is softer than granite. This stone is also prone to acid etching of the surface, primarily caused by highly acidic drinks such as cola, fruit juices, etc., so you need to be careful while using this natural stone.

Marble surfaces can be refinished if required.


Advantages of Investing in Our Marble Countertops

There are many good reasons to choose our marble countertop in Calgary for your home especially kitchen space. Some of them are mentioned below.

■ Marble brings matchless aesthetic appeal to your kitchen space, which in turn will increase the value of your home. The timeless beauty of this natural stone sets this product apart from all other natural stones.

■ Although it needs a little bit more maintenance than granite, Marble still is a durable solution for your countertops. You can choose this beautiful product for your home without worrying about any frequent replacements.

■ Due to its softness, Marble is extremely effortless to cut and shape. So, this stone can be shaped in various fancy designs without involving any fear of any damage to the edges.


Why Choose Us As Your Premier Marble Supplier in Calgary?

When you are looking to purchase quality marble for your countertops, you would not want to trust any random natural stone suppliers. We are a reputed granite supplier in Calgary, taking pride in offering the finest quality natural stones that would easily come within your budget.

Offering maximum client satisfaction has always been our primary concern, and our dedicated customer support team is always ready to serve you in the finest possible manner. Connect with us for any queries about Marble Countertop in Calgary!


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