Marble or granite: which one costs more?

Marble needs a fair bit of upkeep. Therefore, if you’re deciding between marble and granite for your countertops, know that the former will require more upkeep and care. It is also expensive.

Is it worthwhile to spend money on marble countertops?

You can use marble in the kitchen, but you’ll need to be more conscientious about its upkeep and learn to live with the inevitable scratches and scuffs that come with regular use. You have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Is marble a good choice for counter tops?

White and black marble worktops are two of the most sought after options. However, if you want Longevity and resale value, opt for a quartz surface that looks like marble.

In 2023, what will be the most sought-after countertop option?

Natural stone options such as marble, granite, and engineered quartz will still be preferred. Marble countertops have already established themselves as the industry standard. Butcher block and concrete countertops follow closely behind.

Do marble counter tops readily become scratched?

The etching process leaves marble prone to scratching. It’s not as hardy as granite. Marble countertops can be easily damaged or scratched. With proper maintenance, a marble counter surface can last for 50 years or more.

Do you think marble works well as a counter material?

Even today, many people who are remodeling their kitchens choose for marble worktops. It’s no secret that marble is a timeless classic when it comes to countertops and backsplashes. Marble is perfect if you want to bring a sense of class and sophistication.

What is the expected lifespan of marble for use in kitchen countertops or worktops?

Unlike granite, marble can easily get scratches and stains. Because of this, the average life expectancy of a marble countertop is 20 years. In terms of upkeep, marble couldn’t be simpler.

Do marble countertops require a lot of maintenance?

Maintaining a marble surface is difficult because of its porous nature. It’s unfortunate that you’ll have to seal it again. Your stone countertop can be cleaned with a moist cloth and a pH-neutral solution.

Can you put a hot pan or pot on marble?

Even though placing a hot pan directly on a marble countertop will not cause any serious damage, you should still be careful. In truth, scratching is more likely to occur when placing saucepans directly on marble as opposed to breaking.

Can marble be broken easily?

Like other hard stones, marble is susceptible to cracking and breaking, despite its beauty and durability. Chips can easily occur in marble. Marble will hold up well to everyday use. Low-grade marble would certainly fracture and break in no time.

Can marble break down when exposed to direct sunlight?

Marble is naturally resistant to adverse weather and is only compromised by water penetration. It will lead to cracks if the temperature drops below freezing. The marble table top will quickly deteriorate under the elements of sun, rain, and wind.

Will heat cause marble to crack?

At temperatures above 330 degrees F, marble loses some of its strength and may break. However, Marble can withstand temperatures up to 570 degrees Celsius. You can put a hot pan directly on your marble surfaces. However, it is not suggested.

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