Advantages of Using Quartzite Surfaces

Advantages of Using Quartzite Surfaces: For your next project!

Using quartzite stone in residential or commercial projects is nothing new. It brings an air of sophistication and refinement to any environment. If used with the right decorative elements, quartzite countertop makes all the difference in decoration. These are some of the advantages of using quartzite surfaces.

Thinking about helping with the choice, A1 Granite brought this article with the main benefits of using quartzite countertops in Calgary. Read, understand more about its characteristics and make the right choice!

4 advantages of using quartz in the kitchen!

Using premium quartzite countertop Calgary can bring several benefits that go beyond aesthetics. This material, known for its durability and beauty, is a much popular choice. Overall, when you choose quartzite, you’ll be investing in a stylish, functional, high-quality surface that will provide years of satisfaction and practical use.

Resistance and durability

Quartzite countertop is a material that is resistant to scratches, stains and impacts. Its hardness, comparable to granite, makes it an ideal choice for a high-activity area like the kitchen, where utensils, knives and other objects can cause damage to more delicate surfaces. Additionally, quartzite’s non-porous surface also prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mould, making it a hygienic option for food preparation. As it does not absorb liquids, it does not become a favourable environment for the proliferation of germs.

Easy maintenance

Using quartzite countertop is a good choice because the stone is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Many people don’t have time available and don’t want to pay other people to clean and make this request to architects and decorators. Thus, due to its non-porous surface, it is difficult for liquids and dirt to penetrate, which makes cleaning quick and efficient, requiring only water and neutral soap.

Variety of colours, finishes and customization

Quartzite countertop is available in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to choose the shade that best matches the style and decor of the kitchen or bathroom. There are also different finishes, from polished to textured surfaces, to suit individual preferences. Another important point that helps you decide to use quartzite is that the countertops can be cut and shaped according to the measurements, providing a cohesive appearance for the space.

Valorization and sustainability

Quartzite countertop is prized for its sophisticated, modern appearance. Its use can increase the value of the property, making it more aesthetically appealing to potential buyers in the future. It can be a good differentiator when presenting the project. You can also remind them that some quartzite options are made with recycled materials, making it a more sustainable choice for the kitchen.

Ideas on how to use quartzite

For the kitchen, quartzite countertop is a good choice due to its durability, stain resistance and elegant appearance. It can also add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen design.

You can use quartzite stone as a coating for internal or even external walls. Furthermore, it can also be applied to living rooms, bathrooms, dining areas and building facades. An extra tip is to use textured quartzite slabs to create interesting, dimensional wall panels that add depth and style to a space.

Once again, your resistance speaks louder. You can use quartzite stone in the entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom and high traffic areas. If you have a corporate project, stone can add an extra touch of luxury. It’s a sure bet!

If you are looking for a sturdy and attractive option for using quartzite, stairs are a good idea. Whether indoor or outdoor, the material offers the necessary durability combined with an elegant appearance.

Used on window sills, quartzite countertop helps add a touch of beauty and lasting strength to areas near windows. It also helps prevent damage that may occur near windows.

Buy premium quality quartzite countertop

Now that you know the main advantages of using a quartzite countertop, talk to A1 Granite to set up your project. We are a company specialising in natural stones. We rely on trusted suppliers and more than 30 years of market experience.

At A1 Granite we work with quality material and also give you several tips to avoid damage and wear to stones such as quartzite, marble and others. Contact our team and request a quote!